Over 300 Chihuahuas Rescued from Florida Puppy Mill

Over 300 Chihuahuas Rescued from Florida Puppy Mill

Talk about pitiful Foxey and I were called in to photograph and help find homes for over 100 Chihuahuas rescued from a puppy mill in Fountain, FL, and brought to bay country animal control.

Take your choice from over 100 helpless, scared babies— black, white, brown, gray, blue merle, spotted, speckled, curly-haired, and sleek — each one of them a beauty. Nearly the entire animal control was filled with nothing but Chihuahuas.

The couple that ran the puppy mill claimed they had "rescued" all the dogs.

The pregnant dogs were "accidental breeding," the couple claimed.

I lost count of how many were pregnant, yet they weren't a puppy mill.

You could look at them and tell most of them spent their whole lives there for one purpose reproducing for profit. They never knew what affection felt like and would scream by petting them.

Vet Check

It was discovered once they were all checked out that a lot of inbreeding took place, and that's why most of them had deformities. It was heartbreaking to see puppies with congestive heart failure, blindness, death, and physical deformities that meant they would be in pain most of their already shortened lives.

Heartbreaking reality 

The sad truth is, who wants to adopt a sick dog or puppy? Why adopt one with a shortened lifespan and health? This was also a significant concern as these precious babies were not suited to be around children, and many were not going to have the ability to play and act like normal dog.


Some people shouldn't be allowed the privilege of owning a big-eared heart-stealer with the capacity to forgive again and again. The very pregnant ones were sent to rescue groups to care for them, assist in their last litter of puppies, and give them the affection they needed to be ready for adoption.

This still left several that were ready to be adopted. Unfortunately, about 90 of cats and 70% of dogs that end up in a shelter are killed yearly. More than 23,000 animals pass through annually.

Overall good outcome

Manny of the fosters, were older woman and ended up adopting the pregnant chihuahuas and seniors. This left finding homes for the puppies, and with prayers and a little luck, they all found their forever homes.

This was a very lucky outcome that doesn't happen often