By Felicia Patterson

Pet fostering gives temporary care to shelter animals who need to live in a home environment before being adopted.

Organizations dedicated to animal care work to find permanent homes for misplaced, abandoned, mistreated, and surrendered pets. This helps to alleviate overpopulation and decreases the stress that an animal is under by offering a supportive temporary sanctuary while the animal waits to be adopted. 

Emergency Situations 

Pet foster homes are a lifeline for people who require care for their animals after an emergency or tragedy while they rebuild their lives. One example is after hurricane Michael, many people lost their homes, and not many apartment buildings allow pets, so without long-term fosters, they would have had to surrender their beloved pets.  

Fostering is also helpful with kittens and puppies when the mom cannot nurse them. These babies need around-the-clock care to feed, help go to the bathroom, give medicine, and care for wounds. Many of these babies would die without fosters because shelters aren’t set up for this kind of care. 

Health issues 

While people don’t want to admit it, many animals are forced to live on the streets. Many of these animals got injured by larger animals or even ran over. If the animal is lucky enough to survive the injury, they most likely need long-term care while they recover. Shelters, for the most part, are not set up for this kind of care, and this is where foster steps in. they assist in wound care, talking to vet visits, and even rehab. 

Obedience Problems 

Many animals in shelters come from puppy mills or have been living on the street. These animals, while overall having good nature, come with extreme anxiety, aggression, or just never been giving any affection. Foster families give these animals a chance at a forever home by giving them the love and support they need to overcome their issues. 

This is just a few of the reasons pet fosters are essential.