Adopt don’t shop. A phase worth a thousand words

Many animals sold in pet stores or online come from puppy mills, which are commercial breeding facilities that prioritize profit over the health and well-being of the animals. Although they are legal in the US, most puppy mills are unregulated.

Inbreeding is another major issue. The majority of puppy mills engage in unethical and, in many instances, outright despicable practices, and the conditions in which the animals are kept can be horrifying. They don't have enough food, water, or veterinary treatment, so they must live in unsanitary conditions. Additionally, female is bred whenever possible, with little to no time between litters for recovery.

Due to these circumstances, animals raised in puppy mills frequently grow up to have severe health issues. And as a result, you will incur high vet costs. Numerous pet retailers also fail to socialize their animals, which may result in problems with behavior that are unsuitable for household pets. According to the ASPCA, around 6 million companion animals are taken into shelters annually.


The Benefits Of Adopting from a shelter or pet foster family


1. You are saving a life

When you adopt, you aren't only saving one life but two. You are freeing up a spot so another can be saved.


2. A vet has thoroughly checked the animal

You will know the animal's age and any health issues it may have.

3. The animal will be socialized 

Shelters and fosters work hard to socialize the animals so they are confrontable in different environments.

4. You will already know the animal's temperament 

Rescues and shelters are concerned with how animals will fit into your family and will provide you with as much information as they can on each personality, activity level, how they interact with kids, other pets, and strangers, as well as other aspects.

5. You can find fully-trained animals

If you want a pet but want to save time housebreaking for teaching primary manors adopting from a foster family is the way to go.

6. Rescues are often less expensive to adopt

A rescue has already had their vaccinations and may have been spayed or neutered. Shelters typically have very reasonable adoption fees, ranging from $50 to $200.

7. Helps shut down puppy mills.

The more people adopt from a shelter and foster families, the more business you take away from puppy mills helping to shut them down for good.