Foxey's Fabulous Adventures The Adventure Begins

Special Edition

Special Addition: Personally Signed by Foxey.

Foxey is a talking fashionista Pomeranian who loves wearing clothes and playing dress up. Join her as she starts her journey by finding herself, standing up against peer pressure, and helping others in less fortunate situations.

Foxey Begins her story as a dog nobody wants because she is different. Foxey was to be sent to the pound before being rescued by a girl in a wheelchair, which showed Foxey the importance of embracing who you are. Together they work to fight back against peer pressure as they show people that being different can actually be a good thing. They work together to help bring attention to animals in the shelters to help them get adopted

Special Bonus

Foxey loved playing hide and seek. Every picture has one or more heart's hidden within the page. How many can you find?

All parts of this Book are based on actual events.